Equestrian Overview

Equestrian Overview

Preparing to Attend WarWhat to Do When You First Arrive on Site
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Equestrian Steward

Equestrian Activities Schedule

See complete Equestrian Schedule

Equestrian Information

All Equestrian Staff are based in the Equestrian Campsite. In case of emergency, please have event staff or constables call them on the radio.

All horses are RESTRICTED TO EQUESTRIAN AREA AND DESIGNATED TRAILS. No horses allowed within camping areas (except EQ Camp), battlefields, and Merchant’s Row.

Carts must be road legal to drive on the road. The main trail goes past the battlefield, and many scenarios allow missile weapons. Stop or re-route if asked by a field marshal to do so.

Preparing to Attend War

Step 1: Register

Equestrian Registration

(Equestrian Registration is now closed)

Participants who have not reserved pipe stalls in advance must bring their own portable stalls, and pay the portable stall fee upon arriving. Horses may not be tied, hobbled, or high-lined overnight.

Contact the Equestrian Steward with questions.

Step 2: Get Your Authorizations in Order

  1. Read the Caid Equestrian Handbook
  2. Update your equestrian authorizations with your local marshal if they are set to expire before the completion of this event.

Step 3: Get Your Horse’s Paperwork in Order

  1. Acquire a Health Certificate and current Coggins Test from your veterinarian if you are traveling to California from another state. Health certificates are good for 30 days and must be valid through the time of travel.
  2. Make sure your horse’s vaccinations are up to date. West Nile virus, a mosquito-borne disease, has been found in birds on the site. Horses who have not been immunized against the West Nile virus should not be brought on site. Horses should be vaccinated no later than two weeks before transport, which allows time for the horse to recuperate and for the vaccinations to take effect.

What to Do When You First Arrive on Site

  1. Upon arrival, check in with Gate to pick up your site token and parking tags.
  2. After checking in, proceed to the equestrian parking area and park parallel to the other trucks and trailers. Please DO NOT park in front of or beside the equestrian campsite, as that area is reserved for temporary off-loading of human camping gear and necessities.
  3. If you have reserved one or more stalls, those stalls will be marked with your name. You may offload your horses into the stalls that have been reserved for you before checking in with the Equestrian Steward.
  4. If you will be setting up a portable corral, please leave your horses in your trailer while you check in with the Equestrian Steward. When you check in, you will be shown where to set up your corral.
  5. If you are day-tripping, you may offload your horses and tie them to your trailer; however, please do not leave your horses unsupervised.
  6. If you will be camping at Equestrian, please check in with the Campmaster and you will be shown to your camping space.


Trailer/truck parking is available in the equestrian area. Only horse hauling vehicles and horse trailers actually being used to haul equines are permitted to park in the equestrian parking area. Trailers with living quarters are allowed to use generators until 10 PM, or sooner if neighboring campsites complain.

Equestrian Guidelines

Requirements for Participation

Anyone riding/driving in any Equestrian activities must have a current equestrian authorization card from any kingdom. This includes all martial activities and trail rides. Time has been set aside on Thursday for authorizations; additionally, a limited number of equestrian authorizations may be done on other days if time permits. Please contact the Equestrian Steward to request an authorization opportunity.

Volunteer Ground-Crew positions in Caid do not require authorizations, but are approved on a day to day basis by the Equestrian Marshal-in-charge. Only people over the age of eighteen may serve as ground-crew members unless accompanied by a legal parent or guardian at all times.

Annoyance Fines

If you bring a horse on site, you MUST physically sign out with Equestrian Campmaster before departing the site. THERE WILL BE A $75 STAFF HASSLE FEE FOR ANY BEDDING, MANURE, SHAVINGS, OR OTHER DEBRIS LEFT IN ANY STALL, TRAILER PARKING SPOT, OR PORTABLE STALL LOCATION AFTER YOUR DEPARTURE. Sign out will verify your area is has been left clean, and ensure you avoid this fine and the potential for being banned from future Caid equestrian events. It is NOT advisable to leave any bedding behind for a friend; if they do not clean it up YOU will be billed.

No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the equestrian camp, the arena, on or near any hay bales, or outside your vehicle in the equestrian parking area due to the highly flammable nature of horse feed and bedding.

Rental Horses

No rental horses are available at this time.

Rules to Remember Around Horses

  • Minors are not allowed around the animals without parent or legal guardian escort.
  • Do not feed or touch any of the horses without permission from the owner.
  • A red tassel or ribbon on a horse indicates that the horse may bite or kick. Do not approach this horse.
  • Horses startle easily. Do not run, jump, yell, or make sudden movements around them.
  • The stable closes at sunset to everyone except horse owners.

Horses of War

More info about bringing horses and pets to war.

Equestrian Camping at War

Please review the suggested (horse) packing list

It is highly encouraged that you bring a period, rather than modern, pavilion or tent. Equestrian Camp is located on a bluff and can experience high wind speeds which can be damaging to modern tents and/or pop-ups. Per site rules, every pavilion must have a working fire extinguisher placed outside of it. Please label it with your name.

Please contact the Equestrian Campmaster, by September 13, 2017 if you would like to be included in the food plan for the War. Ice and firewood are available for purchase on site.

Loud parties and drumming are not allowed in the Equestrian Camp after 10 PM. Equestrians have to rise early to take care of their horses. Please be considerate.