Attending Great Western War

There are several steps involved in camping or attending GWW. All the links you need are listed below.

Event Costs Info

All the costs are detailed in the Costs and Gate Information. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Costs are different for Adults, Youths (11-17), and Childresn (0-10).
  • Costs are different if you Pre-Register or if you Pay at the Gate.
  • Costs are different if you have an SCA membership card.
  • If you are not camping but only want to come for the day, there is a separate Day-Pass.
  • If you are bringing a horse, please check back for the Equestrian Registration (coming soon).
  • If you are Merchant or Vendor, please check back for the Merchant Registration (coming soon).

Step 1: If you want to camp with a specific group, there needs to be a Camp Master. Camp Masters: Sign up your camp here.

Step 2: If you plan to camp at GWW, you need to complete this PRE-REG FORM. After you fill in the form, you must print your Pre-Registration Confirmation and mail it with a check. There are no electronic ways to pay for PreReg at this time.

    • You could select to camp with a specific group. If your camp is not listed on the PreReg form, please wait to pre-register until your Camp Master has signed up.
    • You could choose “Open Camping” on your PreReg form. (Please do not do this if you just cannot find your camp name. Get your Camp Master to sign up.)
    • You could choose RV to have a spot in the Dry RV lot. RV campers can also choose to add their Land to a group, if they want.
    • You could choose to camp off-site and select “Not Camping” on your PreReg form.
    • You MUST PAY before the deadlines to get Land Allocation.  Your registration will not be counted unless we receive payment.