Land Allocation Rules

Land Allocation Rules

Land Allocation is assigned based on PAID Pre-Registration

Pre-Registration and Land Allocation
is now Open.

Detailed Information


  1. Reserved Land Allocation is only given to Paid Pre-Registration.
  2. Open Camping areas will be available throughout the site for First-Come, First-Served arrivals at Gate. Open Camping is also used for Pre-Registered Campers numbering fewer than 7 adults.
  3. Land for campers who pay at the Gate will be an Open Land Grab in the Open Camp Areas. Campers who pay at the Gate will work with the Land Volunteers on site, to get their best land. Allocation will still be limited to 250-sq.ft. per adult, 125-sq.ft. per Youth (ages 11-17).

General Information

  • A “Camp,” by Definition, must have SEVEN (7) or more PAID, Pre-Registered adultsTo create a camp, fill out the Camp Master Application.
  • If fewer than SEVEN (7) paid, pre-registered adults sign up for a Camp, they will be assigned to the Open Camping areas.
  • Each Camp must have ONE (1) paid, pre-registered Camp Master.
  • Paid, Pre-Registered Adults will receive an allocation of 350 square feet per adult, if paid/postmarked between April 1, 2017 and May 31, 2017.
  • Paid, Pre-Registered Adults will receive an allocation of 250 square feet per adult, if paid/postmarked between June 1, 2017 and August 31,2017.
  • Paid, Pre-Registered Youths (between the ages of 11-17) will receive an allocation of 125 square feet per Youth (or 225 square feet per Youth if pre-registered between April 1, 2017 and May 31, 2017).
  • For each 10 paid, pre-registered adults in a camp, the camp will receive an additional allocation of 250 square feet (usually used as communal space).
  • Royal Camps and Geographic Branch camps (Baronies and Shires) of 15 or more paid adult pre-registrations will receive 1000 sq.ft. of additional land for their communal requirements.
  • ANY Camp may purchase an extra Adult registration for designated spaces such as “Kitchen 1” or “Vigil Tent.”

Land Allocation Detailed Rules

The rules are as follows:

  1. Land allocation is for groups of SEVEN (7) or more and is ONLY tied to Pre-Registration.
  2. To make the land allocation process work more smoothly, each group must designate one person to be the contact person for their group. That person must be pre-registered and be able to speak for the group. We will need their modern and SCA names, phone number, and e-mail address. The contact person for your group must enroll the group for the land allocation process, but individuals are responsible for registering themselves.
  3. When you pre-register for the war and you indicate that you will be with a Camp, the Camp Master will be notified that you plan to be in the Camp.
  4. Land will only be allocated to paid, pre-registered campers, for camps with a Camp Master and a minimum of SEVEN (7) paid, pre-registered adults.
  5. There will be areas set aside for Land-Grab, Open Camping. Campers will be allowed up to 250 sq.ft. per adult, 125 sq.ft. per youth (ages 11-17). Any pre-registered groups with fewer than SEVEN (7) paid, pre-registered adults will be assigned to the Land-Grab, Open Camping area. Campers with pre-registration post-marked after or who pay at the Gate will be assigned to the Land-Grab, Open Camping area. Please check with your local Geopolitical group (Barony, Shire, Canton, College, etc.) if you want to camp in Group Allocated lands.
  6. A map with Allocations will be available on site at Headquarters and at the front gate.
  7. RV spaces: Our use area of the park will NOT include any full hook up sites for RV campers. We can only provide dry camping spaces (no water, electricity, or sewer) in a paved or dirt lot. Dry RV sites can be reserved through the normal Pre-Registration process. Dry RV campers will be allowed to use the dump station at the full hook up site (approximately 1 mile from the Dry lot). If you require full RV hook ups you must contact Buena Vista Reservations directly at (661) 868-7050 or visit their web site at to make a private reservation. This reservation WILL NOT include Great Western War site fees. Spaces are limited. The full hook up area at Buena Vista is approximately one and a half miles away from the war site via a park road. No transportation will be provided between the full hook up area and the war site.
  8. Pre-Registration (Land Allocation) will close on August 31, 2017.
  9. Reservations for land allocation will remain in effect until 6 PM Friday . If no one from your group has arrived by then, your group loses its allocation.
  10. Negotiation with your neighbors is encouraged and any unallocated land (NOT including Overflow) is considered shared by whoever borders it. Please, only take what you need. Knowing the gentility of the members of the Society, it is expected that all groups are willing to work with their neighbors to come to reasonable, agreeable conclusions when land disputes arise.
  11. Any groups found to be moving boundary markers or signs, or attempting to set up camp in a site allocated to a different group will lose their allocation and be subject to removal from site with no refund.

Questions? Contact the Land Steward

Land Steward: THLord Raphael ben Gideon,