Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Can I have a campfire in my camp?
    You are welcome to enjoy camp fires in raised containers (no fire on the ground, no digging). Specific details are in the Site Rules: Fire Safety section.
  2. How do I make out my check for PreReg?
    Send a Check, Money Order, or Cashier’s Check payable to: “SCA Inc./ Kingdom of Caid (GWW)”. Pre-Registrations must be postmarked on or before August 31, 2017.
  3. What is the Family Max?
    The “Family Max” policy for Pre-Registration was created to help families that have many children all coming to GWW together. It was modeled on the price for “two adults members and two youths (ages 11-17).” Extra Land is not eligible for the Family Max. (If you want to purchase Extra Land at $30 for 125 sq.ft., you may purchase them like any camper.) Multiple adults in one household are not eligible for the Family Max. The discount is only applied to additional Youth prices after the max total has been reached ($190).
  4. How do I get fresh water in my camp?
    There are water sources throughout the site to be shared by campers. You can see further information in the Site Rules: Fresh Water section.
  5. I plan to camp. Are there showers available?
    Shower trucks are in more than one location on site, with both hot and cold water.
  6. Can I use my own shower in my camp?
    There are NO PERSONAL SHOWERS allowed on site, by the rules of the Parks Staff and the Event contract. There are three shower trucks on site for showering. And you may not dump water (or soapy water or food water or dish water or other leftover water) on the ground. There are Grey Water collection points throughout the site, often near the porta-potties and/or dumpsters. You can see further information in the Site Rules: Grey Water section.
  7. Is there any Ice or Firewood for sale on site?
    Vendors bring Ice and Firewood for sale through Headquarters. See Headquarters on site at the event for pricing and delivery schedules. Email the Headquarters staff headquarters@caid-gww.org if you have further questions before the event.
  8. What do I do about trash pickup, hot coals, ash, and broken tents or furniture? The first rule: Always leave your site cleaner than you found it. Second major rule: You must haul out any equipment you brought in [even if it broke]. Finally: Only put trash in the trash–no coals, no ash, no human waste. See further information in the complete Trash Policy.
  9. Where do I mail my PreReg checks?
    Mail forms and payment to: Great Western War Pre-Reg
     c/o Hands of Mercy
    463 W. Esplanade Ave.
    Hemet, CA 92543
  10. How do I get land as a Merchant?
    If you pay your Merchant Fees through the Merchant Steward, request your land in your merchant packet. You can camp with your booth, in the Merchant Camping area, in the Dry RV lot, or in any Land Allocation group on site (such as a Barony, a Shire, or with a Household). The Merchant Steward will give your Land information to the Land team.
  11. What if I am camping with a Merchant as a Helper?
    Merchant helpers pay through Pre-Registration. Your land requests will be through the Pre-Registration system. On the information form, under “Are you a merchant?” answer No. Then under “Camping?” indicate which household or group you will be camping with. Merchants with large households need to have a Camp Master.
  12. What if I don’t have the minimum number of seven (7) paid adults for a Camp with a Camp Master?
    There will be Open Camping available throughout the site for smaller groups and paid-at-the-gate campers. Smaller groups of campers are welcome to Pre-Register under “Open Camping.” And campers paying at the Gate can also set up in the Open Camping areas.
  13. I cannot attend GWW but I pre-registered. How do I get a Refund?
    Please see the detailed Refund Policy.
  14. I cannot attend GWW but I pre-registered. How do I Transfer my Pre-Reg to someone else?
    Please see the detailed Transfer Policy.
  15. Do you have Other Questions?
    Please email the correct Staff member for your questions.