Site Rules

Alcohol / Illegal Substances • From the War Constable • Entry Policy • Fresh Water • Fire Safety • Garbage • Grey Water • Minors and Youth Activities • Lake Policy • Pet Policy • Quiet Hours • Trash Policy • Trespassing • Vehicle and Parking Regulations

The laws and codes of the US Government, the State of California, Kern County and Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area will preside over all, and will remain in force at all time. Failure to comply with these laws and regulations will result in the involvement of the relevant modern authorities.

All participants are expected to follow the rules and guidelines of the SCA and the Kingdom of Caid.

No firearms or fireworks are permitted on site.

Persons shall not remove, destroy, or mutilate any park or event property. Any person who moves event property without the express permission of the event staff will be subject to immediate ejection from the event. These properties include, but are not limited to: road signs and markers, tents, tables and chairs, markers used for activities, restroom or shower facilities, etc.

Golf Carts are private property; they are not for personal use at any time. Any unauthorized persons found operating, moving, or altering the condition of any golf cart may be subject to removal from the site and/or severe civil and or criminal penalties.

All persons operating a golf cart must be pre-authorized to do so and must have attended an approved driver safety and maintenance class prior to the war.

No rollerblades, skateboards, mopeds, scooters, or motorbikes will be permitted. Personal ECVs and electric wheelchairs are permitted.

Contact the Constable regarding any Lost or Found items. You may retrieve your lost items at the Event Headquarters tent located near Merchant Village.

We are here to have fun but not at the expense of others. Please be respectful to those around you.

NO trenches, wastewater pits or fire pits may be dug on site.

Please stay in garb at all times.

See the details about swimming and lake policies.

No refunds will be given to persons ejected from the event.

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Entry Policy

All participants must be in SCA dress on site during this event. SCA dress is at the very least an attempt at medieval clothing (garb).

Your site token issued at Gate is your receipt to the campgrounds. Be sure to wear your site token at all times. You must show your site token to re-enter the site.

Without the site token, you must pay to reenter. If you cannot show your site token on request, you will be escorted to your encampment to retrieve your site token or to the gate for a token purchase.

Anyone who cannot produce a site token and who refuses to purchase one will be ejected from the event without refund.

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Trespassing is against the law and is a punishable offense. Gate crashing or sneaking onto the site using false or expired tokens is considered trespassing. Anyone caught trespassing or aiding in the act of gate crashing, etc., will be ejected from the site without refund.

Alcohol / Illegal Substances

The legal drinking age in California is 21 years. Underage drinking will not be tolerated. Intoxicated underage adults and Intoxicated minors, along with their parents/guardians, will be removed from site; the local authorities will be called.

If a household or individual is found serving alcohol to underage individuals, that individual or household will be removed from site and the local authorities will be called. If a household is hosting a party, that household is expected to check IDs appropriately before serving alcohol.

If you are planning on drinking, you should carry a valid, legal form of ID on you at all times. The constabulary and war staff will be asking to see IDs if underage drinking is suspected.

There is to be absolutely no brewing or selling of alcohol on site.

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Fresh Water Spigots

Hoses will be attached to the spigots at the drinking fountains throughout the park to be used for filling your containers. Please be considerate of other campers’ water needs and do not block access to the water spigots with tents, vehicles or equipment. Please be polite and drought conscious: don’t leave the water running to flood the area around the spigots.

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Trash Policy (Garbage)

Remember our SCA tradition of leaving a site cleaner than we found it.

If you post flyers advertising your wares, your party, etc., you are responsible for taking the flyers back down. If you don’t, you may be assessed a fine.

Read the complete Trash Policy.

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Basic Hygiene and Grey Water Disposal

Clarification: “Grey Water” is dish and bath water. It contains NO human or animal waste – all human or animal waste (diapers, private porta-potties, etc.) must be appropriately disposed of in the restroom facilities. Do not leave it on the ground.

Grey water should be disposed of in grey water tanks only; please do not put it in the sinks or toilets in the stone privies, or into the porta-privies. This can quickly fill or clog the tanks. Please do not dispose of food in gray water or restroom facilities; food scraps should be disposed of with your trash.

When using the gray water tanks please be extremely careful to avoid spilling – spills can be very difficult to clean up and can be very unsanitary.

There may be no substances intentionally disposed of on the ground. Do not dig a grease pit or dishwater hole. Pour hot grease into an empty can, let it cool and then dispose of it in the trash containers.

Do not bathe in the sinks in the stone privies.

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Fire Safety

No ground fires will be allowed. All fires must be in an elevated brazier. Braziers must be 10-12 inches above the ground and they must be stable.

No open flames in tents.

Campfires, torches, and candles may not be left unattended at any time. Constable patrols are authorized to enter empty camps and extinguish open or unattended fires.

Tiki torches must be staked in a firm and stable fashion. Tiki torches may not be placed in hay bales. Do not use Coleman fuel in Tiki torches.

At least one (1) fire extinguisher is required for each tent or RV. Please keep a fire extinguisher or a bucket of sand or water and a spade in plain view next to any brazier in use. All kitchens should have at least one fire extinguisher nearby.

Do not throw flammable liquids on fires. All fuel for flame-powered devices should be handled according to the safety instructions on the containers. Liquid fuels should be stored and transported in their original container or other state-approved container.

No Fire play (Juggling, Twirling, etc) is allowed on site.

In the event of a fire, use extinguishers and immediately send for GWW Constabulary.

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Vehicle & Parking Regulations

Speed limit on all event roads is 10 MPH and will be enforced.

All asphalt roads and parking lots in the park are under the jurisdiction of the local police Deptartment; they take this responsibility VERY seriously. Please observe all traffic laws and signs in the park – tickets will be issued for highway violations.

Parking on the event’s roads is permitted only for loading and unloading. Vehicles should be moved to the parking lot if you are not actively loading or unloading.

Park only in allotted spaces – do not block access or other vehicles.

Parking permits must be filled out and displayed at all times

All RV campers should park their RVs in the designated lot. This lot has larger spaces and includes wider lanes for turning and backing these oversized vehicles.

Do not park in handicapped parking unless you have the appropriate license plates or placard displayed.

Remember to lock your vehicle; GWW is not responsible for theft or damage to personal property.

Violations of parking and vehicular regulations will result in towing at owner’s expense.


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Quiet Hours

Quiet hours will be enforced from midnight to 7 AM throughout the entire site.

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Lake Policy


The Kingdom of Caid did not include the lake area in its contract with the Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area. Any use of that area is strictly between the individual and the Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area. The following is the policy of Kern County with respect to that area.

It is the policy of Kern County that there is no swimming at Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area outside of the permanently designated areas within the park.

The only park-designated area adjacent to the Great Western War site is the Lagoon area. The park is planning to have the lagoon area filled during our event.

This area is for swimming only, no boats allowed. As per signs posted, there is no lifeguard on duty and swimming is at your own risk. Children are not allowed in the water unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

If anyone wishes to use any sort of boat or flotation device upon the lake, you must get a permit at the official gate of Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area located on the opposite side of the park. Permits will not be issued through the GWW gate or with any of the Rangers. The cost and approval of the permit will be strictly between the park and the individual wishing to obtain the permit.

Anyone who is found violating the Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Lake or Boating policies may be subject to consequences that will be determined by Kern County. This may include fines and immediate expulsion from the property.

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Pet Policy

The only animals allowed to be brought on site are dogs, cats, and horses. (You may not bring birds, rodents, reptiles, etc. from home–Only dogs, cats, or horses.)

With the exception of the Hound coursing activities, all animals must be on a leash and in under control at all times.

No animal may be tied to any tree, shrub, or fence.

Proof of current vaccinations may be required.

Always pick up after your pet.

The war staff will attempt to return lost pets to their owners if the pets are properly marked. However, if this becomes a repeated problem or your pet demonstrates aggression or dangerous behavior, county animal control officers will be called.

Please be a thoughtful neighbor and do not allow your pet to be a nuisance. Barking dogs, pets that repeatedly escape, and waste left for others to find are considered nuisances.

More info about Pets at War!

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Minors and Youth Activities

Parental Responsibilities – Minors may not attend GWW alone. A responsible adult must accompany all minors (under the age of 18 years in Calif.), who are not legally emancipated, to the war site. This must be a parent or court-appointed guardian or the adult designated on the appropriate waivers signed and notarized by the parent or legal guardian. All minors must be in the care of a responsible adult who should be aware of the minor’s location and activities at all times. In Caid, minor youth less than 7 years old should be in eyesight/earshot of the parent, designated adult or teenager (as determined by the parent). This “sight and sound” policy does not include the use of electronic means of communication, i.e. cell phones, walkie-talkies, or FRS radios. Parents are responsible for knowing where their youth are at all times. Neither Constables nor the merchants are responsible for unsupervised youth, although a Constable may return unattended youth to their parent’s camp. There will be no babysitting or daycare services provided. Check the event handbook for a list of youth activities during the event. Youth seven (7) years old and younger must wear the bracelet issued at gate at all times. A&S (adult) classes held in a merchant booth or private camp: the minor may attend if he/she brings a parent/parent substitute.”

Parental Consent Forms – The following forms are required for minors:

If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact a Seneschal in Caid, or ask your Kingdom liaison to contact the Stewards for information. These forms must accompany the minor and show the age of the minor at the time of the event. Individuals attempting to circumvent these requirements will be considered trespassing and appropriate action will be taken. This could include expulsion from the event site of all parties involved in the attempt.

Neglect of Parental (or Guardian) responsibility for minors – Youth under 7 years old should not be allowed to wander freely at this event and should be checked on periodically by their parent/responsible adult to ensure their safety and suitable behavior. Failure to do so may result in sanctions ranging from expulsion from the site to notification of modern authorities depending on the circumstances.

  1. Minors whose behaviors violate SCA Governing Documents, Kingdom Law, Officer Policies, or site rules will be escorted to their parent/guardian and issued a verbal warning for the first offense at an event. The matter will be reported to the Kingdom Seneschal.
  2. On a second offense at a given event, the parent/guardian will be required to keep their minor(s) with them for the remainder of the gathering. A report will be tendered to the Kingdom and Society Seneschals.
  3. For a third offense, the minor(s) and parents/guardians will be expelled from the event, and the matter will be reported to the Kingdom and the Society Seneschals.
  4. Habitual offenders will be subject to review by Kingdom and Society level for possible sanctions.

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From the War Constable

Greetings on behalf of Constabulary of Caid. We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable war. We ask that you observe a few simple guidelines to help everybody enjoy this war all the more.

Be respectful of the facilities

Please demonstrate to the park staff the courtesy and responsibility for which the SCA is famous — be mindful of any instructions given to you by the rangers, and leave the park grounds clean and undamaged.

Be courteous to your neighbors

Remember that we are all here to accomplish the same task: Having an enjoyable and successful war. However, there are a variety of ways in which we all do this. We ask that you be mindful of others in pursuit of your own fun. Please be courteous to your neighbors, particularly in regards to noise. Don’t forget to ask permission before entering or walking through someone else’s camp. Often, a little forethought will not only keep your neighbors happy, but it might even give you some assistance in your efforts!

Please help the war effort

We Constables of Caid invite you to join us on patrols if you have the desire. We spend our evenings strolling from camp to camp, meeting new friends and helping people in need of assistance. Any help in our service of the Dream and the war will be greatly appreciated. And if you find the duties of a Constable suit you, please make sure to contact the Kingdom Constable at the war or using the Kingdom Constabulary Website for more information.

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