Merchants Guidelines

Merchant Information and Guidelines

Merchants Steward: THLady Elsbeth Cameron,

Great Western War is one of the largest SCA events in Southern California, and we expect approximately 2,500 people to attend, many of whom make sizable purchases at this event.

Location: Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area, 13601 Ironbark Rd, Taft, CA 93268.
IMPORTANT: There are two entrances to this park, please use the western gate.

  • Merchant Registration: Opens April 2017 and must be postmarked by or before August 15, 2017.
  • Standard Gate Pre-Registration and Land Allocation: Open from April 1, 2017 through August 31, 2017
  • Merchant Set-up: Registered merchants may start setting up at Noon on Monday, October 2, 2017.
  • Early Pre-Registered (only) Admission: Noon on Tuesday, October 3, 2017.
  • General Admission: Great Western War officially runs Noon on Wednesday, October 4 to Noon on Monday, October 9, 2017.

***All merchants are required to have their space CLEARED by no later than Noon Monday, October 9, 2017. ***

Merchant Requirements & Rules of Operation

All Merchants must present a valid California Seller’s Permit. If two or more merchants will be sharing a booth space, all parties must have a current Permit. There will be NO subletting allowed. For your application form and guidelines please refer to: A copy of the permit must be submitted with the registration forms.

All merchants are to be set up within the Merchant Village. No merchanting activities will take place outside of the Merchant Village. Absolutely no amplified or non-period music that can be heard beyond your booth is permitted during set-up or during the event. This includes the time from Noon on Monday, October 2, 2017 through Monday, October 9, 2017. No subletting of booth space is allowed. Your booth must fit inside the space allotted. The theme of décor, sales items, and the dress of all persons associated with the booth must be consistent with the acceptable historical time period of the SCA (approximately pre-1650). An attempt must be made to make your sales booth appear pre-17th century.

Fire Extinguishers are REQUIRED for EVERY Booth!

Booth and Gate Registration

You may pay your registration when sending in your merchant forms. Gate Entry for one (1) adult is included in the registration cost for your first booth space. All helpers, employees, and/or family members must be pre-registered in order to come on site. ADULT and MINOR registration forms are included in this packet. Copies of these forms will be kept at Gate when you arrive. Please make merchant registration checks payable to: “S.C.A., Inc. / Kingdom of Caid.”

Non-Food Merchant Booth space registration is $80, Member registration $75 for the first 20 ft x 20 ft lot (including ropes). This includes one (1) gate entry site token. Additional spaces are $35 each. Additional space DOES NOT INCLUDE ADDITIONAL REGISTRATION.

Food Merchant Booth space registration $105, Member registration $100 for a 30 ft x 30 ft space. This includes one (1) gate entry site token. Food Merchants are required to obtain a temporary Food Permit from Kern. For your application form and guidelines please refer to:

Camper Pre-Registration and Land Allocation is now Closed.


Merchants must check in at the Gate before proceeding to Merchant Row. Copies of all forms will be at Gate. All merchants are expected to be self-sufficient. If you need physical assistance in setting up your booth, you must make your own arrangements.

Please note: All spaces are 20 feet by 20 feet including ropes! If you are a small booth, it may be possible to share the space with another small merchant. Contact the Merchant Steward to discuss this option. If you have a larger booth, you will need to pay for additional spaces (see Merchant Registration form). Your booth must fit within the space allotted; if your camping tent does not fit, it will need to be moved to a camping area. This must be coordinated with the Merchant and Land Allocation Stewards.

Pre-registered merchants may begin set up at Noon on Monday, October 2, 2017. If you cannot find your space, ask for the Merchant Stewards or one of the on-site stewards and they will assist you. The Merchant Stewards will not be readily available between 9 PM and 8 AM. Night set-up must be carried out with full consideration of your neighbors.

Due to Park regulations, there will be very limited vehicle access off the pavement. You will be permitted to park on the grass briefly to unload your equipment. You may then move your equipment and merchandise to your space for set-up. Absolutely NO portable generators are allowed on merchants row. Access to electricity is severely limited and available only to food merchants by prior arrangement with the Merchant Steward.


All merchants and campers must remove tents, equipment, sales items, supplies, packing materials, and trash from their booth premises, and leave the area in a clean and orderly condition by Noon on Monday, October 9, 2017. All trash is to be moved to the dumpsters. The staff can supply extra trash bags if necessary. Failure to comply with this clearance schedule could impact on your ability to participate as a merchant at future Kingdom of Caid events.


The Event Stewards will NOT accept UPS or other ground deliveries of your merchandise. There is a strict “No Drop-Off” policy. If you wish to arrange a delivery, you must be on-site to receive it. All deliveries must be met at the SCA Gate at the western end of the park. Any deliveries for persons not on-site will be refused.

Seller’s Permits

All merchandise sellers must have valid site-specific Seller’s Permit for “13601 Ironbark Rd, Taft, CA 93268” issued by the California Board of Equalization, and must both provide a copy with their registration form and have one with them in their booth. THIS IS REQUIRED BY LAW. There are no exceptions, even for out-of-state merchants. This means you must collect sales tax on all transactions and file all the appropriate returns. If you provide a service and do not sell any merchandise, you do not need a permit. If you have a permit, be sure to bring it with you. If you do not, contact your local California Board of Equalization office on how to obtain a temporary permit. If you have filed but yet not received your Permit, write “Pending” in the Permit number space on the registration form and report your number to the Merchant Steward as soon as you receive it.

If you do not have a valid site-specific California Seller’s Permit, you will NOT be allowed to set up.

The closest California State Board of Equalization office for the site is in Bakersfield at 1800-30th Street, Suite 380, CA 93301-1922. We will be happy to provide a map to this office. Phone: 661-395-2880. To obtain a California Seller’s Permit, go to the web site at:

Food Merchants

Food Merchants are required to obtain a Temporary Food Permit from Kern County. You may find the application forms at:

All food merchants will be placed together. There is a limited amount to electricity that is available ONLY to food merchants. You must contact the Merchant Steward to verify availability of electricity.

All food merchants must be familiar with any applicable rules and regulations concerning sale of food at the event. It will be your sole responsibility to ensure all requirements are met. This includes but is not limited to obtaining the proper permits and the following of guidelines for the hand and utensil washing stations set forth by Kern County.

Food Merchant Requirements

  • All Food Merchants are required to obtain a Temporary Food Facility Permit from Kern County AND forward a copy to the Merchant Steward. You may find the application forms at:
  • All Food Merchants will be responsible for following the rules set forth in the Temporary Food Facility Guidelines, which includes but is NOT limited to the hand washing station and utensil washing stations. It is your sole responsibility to ensure all requirements are met. A copy of the guidelines may be found at:
  • The theme of décor, sales items, and the dress of all persons associated with booths must be consistent with the acceptable historical time period of the SCA (approximately pre-1650). An attempt must be made to make your sales booth appear pre-17th century.
  • To ensure a period atmosphere and a positive War experience for everyone, a balance of food types should be maintained. A menu of food/drink items for sale must be submitted with your pre-registration packet. Once approved by the staff of Great Western War, the menu must be adhered to throughout the event (minor changes of style but not of substance would be allowed). No additional items may be added to the menu without consultation with the Merchant Steward. Our goal is to offer the populace a balance of goods available while giving each merchant the opportunity to offer different menus.
  • Electrical hook-up twist-lock connectors will be provided. Please feel free to supply your own connectors. You may use your own generator provided that it is rated “super quiet” (50-70 decibels or less). No other generators will be allowed.
  • Space will be available in the parking lot adjacent to the Merchant Village for trailers.
  • Trash cans will be placed in the area immediately in front of the food court and liners supplied. Regular pick-up of these cans will be arranged twice per day. During heavy sales hours booth staff will be required to monitor and empty these trash cans as needed. A designated trash collection area will be readily accessible to the vendors.
  • No grey water, oil, or food residue is to be dumped/poured on the ground in any area of the event. Dumping must be done in appropriately labeled grey water receptacles on site, provided by the war staff.
  • All Food Merchants are required to have a Valid Fire Extinguisher.


There is potable running water available throughout the Park, however you may wish to bring your own as access is somewhat limited. There will be showers in mobile facilities available near the Merchant Village. Electrical supply will be restricted to food merchants and the Food Court tent. It is extremely limited and available by prior arrangement only.

There are grey water tanks with funnels available close to Merchants’ Village. You must use them for all grey water. You may NOT pour any water on the ground.

Ice will be available for purchase on-site.

No ground fires are allowed. Bring a safe fire pit or hibachi, and obey all fire laws and regulations that may be in effect at the time, whether or not they are mentioned here or in other Great Western War event information (printed or online).

Children On-site

Children under 5 must be supervised by their parent or designated adult/responsible teenager at all times. Children 5-11 must be within sight and sound of a designated adult at all times. Walkie-talkies, cell phones, etc. do not count. Youth 12 and up are considered able and responsible enough to wander freely, although parents are still responsible for their behavior. If your 5 to 11 year old would like to attend classes at Youth Point or go watch the fighting, or check out the lake while you are conducting business, you need to arrange with another adult to “keep an eye” on your child. This person is responsible for the child’s behavior and safety, and must know where you can be found in case of emergency. A responsible teenager can be your “designated adult” if you are comfortable with that arrangement. If you plan on bringing a minor other than your own, the SCA requires two forms, one notarized, or that minor cannot enter the site.

Note: If you are teaching or taking a class in the A&S area, you are considered to be within sight and sound. Please come with your child to Youth Point and tell the teacher you will be next door at A&S.

Pets at War

Please read the complete policy on Animals at War.


While you are ultimately responsible for your own booth, the Constabulary will make their usual rounds during the event. Volunteers to assist with this are much appreciated. Please contact the Volunteer Steward when you arrive at the site if you would like to help out.


As in years past, Great Western War will be conducting a Volunteer Raffle. This will be the only official raffle of Great Western War. The fabulous generosity of the Merchants has been a wonderful way to thank our many volunteers for all their work. If you are willing and able to make a donation to the raffle, please let the Merchant Steward know.


There will some camping space set aside near Merchants’ Village for those not camping with their booth. Let the Merchant Steward know if you intend to camp with a group rather than in the Merchant camping area. There is no fee for this process.

RV Campers

Our use area of the park will NOT include any full hook up sites for RVs. We can only provide dry camping spaces (no water, electricity, or sewer) in a paved or dirt lot. Dry RV sites can be reserved through the normal Pre-Registration process. Dry RV campers will be allowed to use the dump station at the full hook up site 1 mile from Dry lot).

If you require full RV hook ups, you must contact Buena Vista Reservations directly at 661-868-7050 or visit their web site at to make a private reservation. This reservation WILL NOT include Great Western War site registration. Spaces are limited. The full hook up area at Buena Vista is approximately 1.5 miles away from the war site via a park road. No transportation will be provided between the full hook up area and the war site.


There will be one (1) reserved parking space per booth in the small lot next to the Merchant Village. The rest of the parking is at the west end of the park near the SCA Gate.

Merchant Checklist

  1. Download and read the entire Merchant’s Packet.
  2. Read and sign the Merchant’s Agreement and all appropriate waivers.
  3. Mail the following items to the Merchant Stewards. Failure to include any of these items will result in the packet being returned to you and admittance denied. Please note all forms must be filled out completely and submitted by deadline date.
    • A completed Merchant Registration Form
    • A signed Merchant Agreement
    • A copy of your valid site-specific California Seller’s Permit for “13601 Ironbark Rd, Taft, CA 93268”
    • Food Merchants need to forward to the Merchant Steward a copy of their Environmental Health Temporary Food Permit from Kern County. You will find information and the application forms at:
    • Pre-Registration Forms for ALL in your party, either paper forms or a copy of the confirmation email if you used the online PREREG FORM. (Anyone who has not sent in the Gate Pre-Registration form and payment will not be allowed on site until Wednesday when the general populace registration opens. NO Exceptions.)
    • Proof of SCA membership for booth owner and any staff or family member(s) paying the registration or member registration.
    • Pictures of your booth and merchandise; only digital forms accepted.
    • Your check or money order in U.S. dollars for all Merchant Registration. Please make checks payable to: “S.C.A., Inc. / Kingdom of Caid.” Partial payments, cash, or credit cards will NOT be accepted.
    • Your self-addressed stamped post card, if you would like a confirmation that your packet was received. The limited number of selling spaces will be filled first-come, first-served. The Steward’s receipt of your merchant packets as well as date of receipt does not guarantee a selling place.



Send all forms and payments to:

Elizabeth Schmidt, P.O Box 391, Fortuna, CA 95540
THLady Elsbeth Cameron
(707) 407-8488
Please, no phone calls after 9 pm PST
or before 9 am PST

Print and Sign all Applicable Forms in the Merchant Packet

Contact Information

Merchants: THLady Elsbeth Cameron,