Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) ** Kingdom of Caid ** Great Western War XVII - Oct 8-13, 2014

Rapier Combat (SCA Fencing)

"Of all the weapons devised by Man in the long lapse of the centuries, the sword is the only one which combines effectiveness in defence with force in attack, and since its Bronze Age beginnings has gathered round itself a potent mystique which sets it above any other man-made object." - Ewart Oakeshott

Combat Staff

Rapier: Lady Roisin ni Brian, Deputy: Lord Bjorn Zenthffeer,

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Tourneys: All WarThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
War Scenarios: FridaySaturdaySunday

Welcome to Rapier Tournament and Melee at GWW!

The Kingdom of Caid looks forward to crossing blades with our friends from across the Known World! We invite all fighters to join us for a weekend of valor, chivalry, and swordplay. We might even see some excellent deaths, dirty deeds, and campfire-worthy heroics!

Scenarios will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Please check this page as the event draws closer for specific scenarios and times. Tournaments will be held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and will include the Early Bird Tournament (with post-tourney potluck), the Bridesmaids Tournament, and The White Scarf Tournament. We will also be hosting a weekend-long fighter Bingo tournament--fight pick-ups, meet new friends, win prizes!

If you have any questions regarding Great Western War Rapier, plan on hosting a tournament that you would like us to publish, or would like to volunteer for set-up on Thursday morning (you know you do!) please email Lady Roisin ni Brian and Lord Bjorn Zenthffeer at

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Rapier Combat Schedule

Rapier Combat: Battlefield and Rapier Tourney Field
Time Thu Oct 9 Fri Oct 10 Sat Oct 11 Sun Oct 12
9-10 AM   Bridesmaid Tourney White Scarf Tourney  
10-11 AM       Valkyrie Tourney
11 AM-12 PM   Armor Inspections and Check-In Armor Inspections and Check-In Open Field Melee
12-1 PM   Warm Up Res
War Scenarios
War Scenarios  
1-2 PM   War Scenarios War Scenarios  
2-3 PM Hay Bale Setup War Scenarios War Scenarios Hay Bale Tear Down
3-4 PM   War Scenarios War Scenarios  
4-5 PM Early Bird Tourney and Meet n Greet Potluck      
5-6 PM   Society Rapier Marshal Moot Grand Court starts  
6-7 PM     continued  

History of the Rapier

The sword most often seen in SCA rapier combat dates primarily to the late 16th century, and has its theoretical roots in earlier traditions dating as far back as the 13th century. The term rapier was not used in Italy, Spain or France. To them it was simply called a spada or sword. To the average reasonably well-read modern swordsman or collector of arms and armour, a rapier would be a swept-hilted, long and narrow sword intended primarily for thrusting.

In the late 15th to the early 16th century a split occurred allowing a civilian form of combat to develop which revolved around the sword (single handed and two handed), hafted weapons, and dagger work. Masters such as Marozzo, Caranza and Mair taught a theory of combat that could be said to not only apply to military combat but now also to the civilian duel. This style of combat used the cut as well as the thrust. By the end of the 16th century, civilian combat had evolved to the point of favoring the thrust over the cut where masters such as Fabris, Giganti, and Capoferro put forth their new theories of personal combat utilizing what we call today the rapier. The study of these masters and the theory of combat from the 15th through the 16th centuries spans volumes and is an important study for the scholar of historical civilian swordplay.

The Cut and Thrust program in the SCA was instituted to allow practitioners the outlet for exploring the works of the masters of the 16th and earlier centuries with weapons such as the single handed sword or the hand and a half sword. (Courtesy of William Wilson)

Great Western War Rapier Conventions

We will be following Caidan rapier standards for this war. Some of the differences that fighters from other kingdoms will want to note are as follows. Please see for complete Caid rules.

Warbands: Please check in as a group with the number of fighters and name of the warband representative before scenarios start. (Fighters without a warband will be assembled into general groups based on kingdom). Please have your valid, non-expired fighter card, and your site token ready when you check in.

On your first day of fighting, please have your armor inspected. Your mask and weapon will be issued a sticker to signify that you have been inspected. It is recommended that you have your weapons inspected each day that you fight since fighting conditions can affect blades.

We will again be sharing the battle field with armored combat. We will use a separate field for tournaments. Since we are not competing for war points, we reserve the right to make changes to the schedule or switch sides as needed for a fun war. We will keep war bands and kingdoms together as much as possible.

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Great Western War Rapier Tournaments

The theme of GWW this year is The Art and Pageantry of War. What better way to celebrate than to stab your friends with pomp and chivalry? Dust off your most heraldic doublet and your poofiest pants--letís play!

All tournaments will be held in erics near the battlefield. Please come to the battlefield for check-in.

All War

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

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Friday, October 10, 2014

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

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Great Western War Rapier Scenarios

Note: The Marshals reserve the right to change scenarios at will.

Friday, October 10, 2014 - War Scenarios

Kingdom commanders and KRMs, if possible, please report to the rapier field at 10:45 AM on Friday so the stewards can provide you with armor inspection stickers for your army and any pertinent information regarding the war. We hope that this brief meeting will speed check-in and help the war go smoothly. Thank you!

11 AM: Armor Inspections and Check-in: Check in will begin promptly at 11 AM, regardless of the progression of the morning tournament. Please check in with the steward under the pop-up who will check your non-expired fighter card. Sign up under your war band and kingdom. Unaffiliated fighters will be grouped according to kingdom.

After checking in find a warranted marshall with stickers who can inspect your armor and your weapon. Your weapon will be stickered after inspection. This sticker must remain on your weapon throughout the war. Any weapon seen on the field without a sticker may be pulled from the fighting and the fighter might miss a few scenarios while it is inspected. Please make sure your armor and weapons are inspected before fighting each day since battle damage is likely to occur.

If you have questions regarding rapier conventions including DEATH FROM BEHIND please ask the stewards or the Marshals prior to the start of scenarios.

We want everyone to have a fun war. If you are feeling tired, upset, or find yourself accidentally hitting hard at any time during scenarios please take a break, get some water and rest! There will be more scenarios, guaranteed. If you encounter a specific problem on the field please find the Rapier Steward, who will make sure the proper individuals are contacted and the situation is mediated.

Scenarios will start PROMPTLY at 12 PM

30-45 Minute Friendly Warm Up Res: Warm up with this friendly 30-45 minute resurrection battle (time will be at Marshalís discretion). Marshalls will even up the sides if necessary before beginning. Checkpoints will be placed throughout the field and may be used as a resurrection point for the team that controls the checkpoint.

Portals: Teams start on opposite ends of the field. On each long side of the field there will be two edge-of-the-world doorways marked with each teamís color. When a player is killed, they must exit the field through their teamís doorway that is closest to them and re-enter the field through their other doorway. Goal: Assemble 5 uncontested fighters at the other teamís starting point. Fighters at the starting point may not be killed and may not re-enter fighting if they wish to remain one of the 5 uncontested fighters. Winning team receives baubles.

Bridges (RBGs allowed, Spears allowed): UPDATED: One army is in the town, the other army wants to break in! What a concept! Three bridge portals will be available to the attacking army. Attacking army will have X number of bullets determined by the size of the field. Defending army does not have bullets. Attacking army has two resurrections per fighter. Defending army cannot resurrect. Authorized spear fighters will be distributed evenly between sides. Fight your best war of attrition--the scenario will be timed. Victory is called by annihilation of defenders or 15 minutes, whichever comes first. Switch sides and run again. Winning team receives baubles.

Ring Toss: Control all checkpoints first by placing the ring of your teamís color over the checkpoint. Rings may not be removed from a checkpoint once placed. A hold will be called and a victor declared once one team has placed their ring on all five checkpoints. This scenario will be run multiple times since it runs quickly. The team with the most victorious matches receives baubles.

Castle Break Round #1 (Spears allowed for one round): UPDATED: Break out the big guns for this scenario! We will be travelling down the attlefield to the castle and playing some castle break. Given the numbers on the field, the marshals reserve the right to make this scenario a surprise format. It might be attackers and defenders, it might be a timed breakout, it might be some new devilish scenario concoction. But it will be fun!

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Saturday, October 11, 2014 - War Scenarios

11:30 AM: Armor Inspections and Check-in: Please make sure your weapons and armor are inspected each day of scenarios since battle damage may occur. Please also quickly check in with the marshal checkpoint so that we can accurately divide sides.

Scenarios will start PROMPTLY at 12 PM.

Kill 'em All Warm-Up Medley: We will start the day with a basket of "Kill Them All" scenarios. Armies will start at opposite ends of the village. Marshals reserve the right to speed the death process by burning buildings, shrinking the fields and otherwise causing chaos. Once one side is very dead we will immediately switch sides and run again. We will run up to 4 times or 45 minutes, whichever comes first. Winning army will receive baubles.

Crazy Checkpoint Resurrection: Checkpoint resurrection with a twist. Scenario starts as a standard resurrection battle for the first 15 minutes with teams able to ressurect at "owned" points. At the 15-minute mark a hold will be called. The marshals will "freeze" the checkpoints (checkpoints may no longer be used as resurrection points) and place team idols at each of the checkpoints on the field. The new objective will be to move at least two of your teamís idols to a pre-determined goal. The first team to redeem two of their idols wins. Winning team received baubles.

Treasure Chest Relay: Army commanders will be asked to divide their army into three equal sections. Four treasure chests will be scattered throughout the field, each containing a team token. One third of each army will start on the field. Fighters on the field should strive to gain the treasure chests. Once open, the team whose token has been revealed (no matter who opened the chest) will gain another third of their army. There are no resurrections, the ultimate objective is to kill all members of the opposing team. The scenario may be run multiple times depending on time/play value. Baubles to the victors!

Castle Break Round #2 (Spears allowed): UPDATED: Same scenario, same fun! Castle breaking at its best with spears!

Castle Battle: White Scarves vs. The World End your war the right way with a classic White Scarves vs.The World castle battle. All White Scarves start within the castle, all others start without. Kill them all and have fun!

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Sunday, October 12, 2014 - War Scenarios

11 AM: Open Field Melee: There might be a massive tournament in the works, but that doesnít mean the fighting has stopped. If you are not participating in the Valkyrie Rose tournament, the Rapier field will be open for small team melees, pick-ups and re-runs of favorite scenarios.

2 PM (ish): Hay Bale Teardown You know you want to...

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