Trash Policy

Trash Policy
at Great Western War

  1. Trash trucks will drive through the camps twice daily to pick up your trash. Once in the morning and once in the evening (the actual times may very due to events of the day).
  2. Broken camp equipment/furniture must be removed from site by the owner(s) (mattresses, chairs, futons, fire-pits, coolers, tents). These do not go in the trash. Rule of Thumb: If your brought it, please plan on taking it home.
  3. Black trash bags are for trash. Blue trash bags are for recycling.
  4. Please do not overfill your trash bags and please tie them shut. Flies are an issue at this site.
  5. Trash must be kept in your camp until a trash truck comes by to pick it up. You may take trash directly to the dumpster. Please try to avoid making trash piles.
  6. The last trash pick-up will be Monday morning one hour before site closes. All trash after this time must be taken to the dumpsters or off site.
  7. Camp sites should be as clean (or cleaner) than when you arrived. Please do not leave any trash behind.
  8. Both hot and cold coals must be placed in the designated area and should not be in the trash.
  9. Please urinate and deficate in the privies only, not in the trash.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation,
Alexander, Trash Emperor