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Volunteer Steward: THLady Robyn Leland, volunteers@caid-gww.org

Volunteering at GWW

What do Great Western War, the Peace Corps, and secret government experiments on college students have in common? None of these could happen without volunteers!

Great Western War is, of course, the greatest volunteer opportunity of the three, as it involves a lower threat of exposure to malaria and much fewer interactions with needles or unexpected hallucinations.

When you are volunteering, be sure to have the person you report to sign your volunteer card! We know most people are not looking for recognition, but we need to know how many hours it really takes to run the war! Every hour you volunteer—at any task—at Great Western War also helps relieve the pressure on an overworked Event Steward, and you get raffle tickets that can get you cool stuff for your kit! There are many War volunteer opportunities that involve sitting, schmoozing, mocking, snarking, giggling, pointing and laughing – all valuable skills in both the SCA and modern life. You will also get to meet a wealth of interesting people, including possible boon companions, potential future accomplices and alibis, and maybe your one true love.

Opportunity is knocking – throw open the door and invite it in!

On site, sign up at Gate and HQ.
Before the event, sign up below!

How To Volunteer

Click on the links below to signup for volunteer shifts at GWW.

If you can’t find the area you wish to volunteer for on this page, please contact volunteers@caid-gww.org for assistance.

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If you are having trouble, launch this page in a separate window to sign up in advance, before GWW.